We here at Randys Mobile Detailing recomend Lower the Friction products.

Our company's GMC cargo van carries approx. 1000 lbs of cargo at any given time and we now have 214,000 miles on it. Runs and feels like new all the time.

Also, we use Lower The Friction Products in our Generator and Power Washer. 

This product truly does more than what I expected. 


Did you know, that regardless of the brand of motor oil you use, it does not provide full-time protection.

Because 85% of all engine wear occurs each time you start your engine. 

Friction Reduction Additive for lowering engines rolling resistance. 

Benefits: Smother Idle, More Horsepower, Better Fuel Mileage, Improves Compression, 

Lower Oil Consumption, Less Parts Wear, Longer Engine life.